🔳Change an item's default display

Setting an item's default display will change how it is displayed on the main Items page and when that display resets to 0.

By default an item's display will reset to 0 every day at 12:00AM. You can change this to week, month, year or total. For example, if you set the default display to week, it will reset to 0 at the beginning of every new week.

Note: when an item's display resets to 0, this does not mean entries are deleted. It is just how the item is displayed on the main Items page.

Before an item's display resets to 0, it will show the sum of all entry values for that time period.

If an item type is set to average, the only option available is to display the last entry value.

To change an item's default display, follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Tap on an item (anywhere but the number)

Step 2 - Tap the "Settings" button

Step 3 - Tap on the "Default Display" chooser and then make a selection

The main Items page will show the time period chosen

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